1st G School of Prophets


Facilitator: Rev. Rhonda Plunkett

The School of the Prophets” is 1st “G”‘s designation for our Associate Minister Support Team. We are blessed at 1st “G” to have some of the finest men and women who are dedicating their lives in service to the Lord.

We are endeavoring to provide the most comprehensive training and biblical equipping possible, outside of formal seminary or Bible college instruction. Furthermore, each cooperating associate minister is offered practical hands on opportunities to assist in our C.A.R.E. (Contact, Assist, Relate, Encourage) Team ministry and at least one additional ministry area where they sense their God given gifts, talents, and passions are.

Each C.A.R.E. Team is expected to provide oversight to a group of 100-150 individuals and families. The goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive to greater discipleship and personalized attention within the congregation.


This group of servant-leaders comes from varied backgrounds, training, educational preparations, conversion experiences, understanding of their individual callings and therefore exhibit gifts of the Holy Spirit in diverse and unique ways.

Several of these associates are ordained and available to assist other congregations or ministries when called upon. All are licensed ministers who are accountable to our congregation under the oversight of our Senior Pastor, Pastor T. Vaughn Walker.

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