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The Deacons ministry is led by:

Chairman: Deacon Charles Ford

Vice Chairman: Deacon Jerome Davis

Secretary: Deacon Gerald Barbour



Do You Know Who Your Deacon Is

Your Last Name Begins With Name of C.A.R.E Team Deacon Name
A Matthew

A Matthew

B Mark

C, D Luke

E, F John

G, H, I Acts

J Romans

K, L Corinthians

M Galatians

N Galatians

O, P, Q Ephesians

R, S Philippians

T, U Colossians

V, W

X, Y, Z





The Deacons ministry is in charge of:

Benevolence Ministry

Facilitator: Deacon DuWayne Brittle


Facilitator: Charlos Thompson
We carry out our mission by Contacting families regularly; Assisting one another, as needed; Relating to one another intentionally; and Encouraging one another in our daily living and in our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

(See above for your designated deacon)


Prison/Jail Ministry

FacilitatorRev Pauline Owens
Assistant: Rev. Dennis Allen
Meet 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30p
1st & 5th Sundays – Metro Corrections 8:00am


Pictures by: TAB Unlimited (Tony Broddie) 502-417-1436

David Howard and wife


Deacon Stanley


DuWayne Brittle & wife


Gerald Barbour and wife2


Ronell Brown and wife


Jerome Davis and wife


DuWayne Brittle & wife


Charles Ford2


LaWarren Taylor and wife2


Terrance Thomas and wife


Richard Price and wife2


LaWarren Taylor and wife2


Terrance Thomas and wife


Charlos Thompson and wife


 Deacon Bush2
 Deacon Stiener2

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