Benevolence Ministry

Chairman: Deacon DuWayne Brittle
Assistant Chairman: Terrance Thomas

Procedures and Guidelines for Benevolence Assistance:

Benevolence is defined as – a disposition to do good; an act of kindness; a generous gift.  It is the intent of the Benevolence Ministry of the First Gethsemane Baptist Church to model the spirit of Matthew 25:31-46 in a spirit-led informed manner.  Food, drink, shelter, clothing, visitation of the sick and those in prisons are the areas Jesus spoke of as the judgment of the works of believers.  This should not imply that it is the responsibility or obligation of believers to help all people at all times.  Those who will not work shall not eat.  Those who abuse and misuse their God given responsibilities may forfeit their reception of assistance.  Those who will not follow Godly counsel and live I rebellion to the Word of God and the leadership of the church and its officers may forfeit their opportunity for assistance.

Here at First Gethsemane the Deacons under the leadership and oversight of the Senior Pastor have been authorized to oversee this responsibility.  The following are a brief overview of some of the guiding principles to determine support.

  1. All applicants, members and non-members, must fill out the application and provide support data important to the request.
  2. All applicants may be required to attend a personal interview by the Benevolence Committee.
  3. Applicant should not expect a reply less than seven days unless it is an emergency such as house fire, flood etc or other situation deemed an emergency by the Benevolence Committee or Senior Pastor.
  4. Under no circumstances are credit card bills, general house repairs, insurance for your car, college loans, etc. considered appropriate for benevolence assistance.
  5. The Benevolence Ministry is not a loaning agency or a credit union.
  6. Only under the rarest of circumstances will anyone be assisted more than once in a six month period, or twice in a calendar year.
  7. Those who are assisted are asked to put back into the benevolence fund whatever they can whenever they can to help provide assistance for the next person or family in need.
  8. Those who are assisted agree to personal and financial counseling by the appropriate staff or ministry here at the church.
  9. Non-members should expect no more than one occurrence of support in a calendar year.  It is to the discretion of the Benevolence Ministry if help will be provided.  Follow-up will be made with the applicant’s home church.
  10. Members of First Gethsemane in good standing and or active will be assisted based upon the discretion of the Benevolence Ministry.
  11. It should be noted that much more scrutiny will be employed before granting benevolence requests in the future.  This is due to abuse of the above benevolence assistance ministry.
  12. Food vouchers and the food pantry are available to assist those with emergency food needs.  The amount given is based on family size and is at the discretion of the Benevolence Committee and Deacon’s Ministry.
  13. At all times every effort to maintain complete confidentiality is our goal.

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