Focus Groups

Children & Youth


Facilitator: Phyllis Ferrell

Mission: 1st G Children’s and Youth Ministry exists to EXPOSE Children Youth to God’s Love; help them GROW in their knowledge and faith in God’s Word; teach them to HONOR God in their lives; instruct and illustrate how to CARE for one another; to DISCOVER, DEVELOP, and USE their spiritual gifts to the Glory of God; and to IMPACT the world for Jesus Christ

Committed Achievers


 CommittedAchievers Cloud3Facilitator:



Facilitator: Bro. Doug Miller

Mission: To learn and teach and live God’s word by assembling for Bible study on Sunday morning and ‘Hour of Power’ once a month in order to be better Christian leaders.





T.E.A.M. 2 G
(Marriage Ministry)


Facilitator: Richard & Dana Price


Leading Ladies Women’s Ministry


Facilitator: Rev. Loretta Baker

Mission: To establish relationships that will promote spiritual growth and development in females of all ages. We will educate, encourage, and equip females to serve God and one another to their fullest potential. By sharing the gospel and using their God-given gifts, others will have an opportunity to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Young Adults


Facilitator: JC Campbell



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