Men’s Ministry

1st G Men’s Ministry
Facilitator: Bro Doug Miller

Mission Statement:
The First G Men’s ministry mission is to move into a new dimension in the service of God, through spiritual integrity, spiritual commitment, and dedication to God, family, church and community.

1. To unite the men of 1st”G” for the purpose of fulfilling the mission of Christ through evangelism and missions.
2. To provide a forum for the dissemination of biblical information and strategies that address issues relevant to the 21st century male.
3. To increase male participation in all areas of ministry within the church body, while developing lasting bonds of friendship within the men’s ministry through outreach and fellowship.


Goals for 2013 :
1. Each member invite others.
2. Budget increase by scheduling future events.
3. Increase participation with other ministries.


Meeting dates:
Every 4th Saturday of the month at 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall (main facility).
Breakfast will be served.

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