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To bring young adults to Christ through Bible Study and Fellowship

Annual Young Adult Day is planned each year. We also plan to host plenty of fellowship activities throughout the year.

Facilitator: Rev. JC Campbell

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SIT – Stay In Touch

To reach out to young adults away from home for the purpose of achieving higher education degrees. To contact by means of text, calls, care packages, letters, etc. in order to keep the young adults connected to the 1st G family.
18+ years old


YAM – Young Adult Ministry

To offer a Bible study and small group class to transitioning youth that have become young adults. Prepare college age young adults for real life experience with Bible based teachings.
18-24 years old


VIP – Victory In Progress

To offer Bible study and fellowship opportunities to young adults who have entered into the workforce. Showing Biblical examples of blending God, family, social life, and church in the ever changing life cycle of the young adult world.
25+ years old

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