1st G Staff

  • Keith A. Bush

    Interim Pastor

  • Tommy Jones

    Minister of Worship, Arts & Music

    Ext. 105

  • Alexis Williams

    Executive Assistant

    Ext. 101

Department Heads

  • Rev. Rhonda Plunkett

    Associate Ministers Chair


  • Phyllis Ferrel

    Children & Youth Facilitator

    Ext. 174

  • Dea. Richard Price

    Deacon Chair

    Ext. 173

  • Dr. Bill Hoff

    Media Director

    Ext. 107

  • Donna Fox

    Trustee Chiar

    Ext. 106

Join Us

We have many other servants who assist in our ministry, including: Associate Ministers, Deacons, Bible Study Teachers, choir directors and musicians, janitorial staff, etc. We invite you to be a part of our many ministries.