Welcome to 1st G, from Pastor Harris.

Our Ministry Groups are an essential part of our church, as they provide a place where deeper fellowship and better support for one another can take place. We unite together in special interest groups to nurture our individual growth in Christ as well as communally to be in deeper fellowship with God and one another. 

God has reconciled us not only to Himself but also to each other. This "each other" is called His Church.

What We Believe

WE BELIEVE in a Triune God (Father, Son [Jesus Christ], and Holy Spirit) as the one and only true God.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, is the only way to salvation.

WE BELIEVE in and stand on The Holy Bible as the revealed and inspired Word of God; The Lord’s perfect revelation to humankind. 

WE BELIEVE that all believers are called and spiritually gifted for ministry service for the present age. The local church is a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ who work in covenant relationship under the headship of Jesus and led by a Senior Pastor as overseer and under shepherd.