Church Ministries

Along with the many other small group, focused ministries you have read about throughout our website, we have a variety of specialty interest ministries that we would love to have you a part of. Read below the many ways you can use your gifts in the body of Christ at 1st G and contact us for more information. 

  • Culinary

    Mission: To support 1st G through the preparation and serving of meals for activities associated with the church, while promoting a warm environment of hospitality and fellowship. 

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  • Decorations

    Mission: To provide decorations to aesthetically enhance the church building and special events for 1st G Ministries.   

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  • Evangelism

    Mission: SART (Search And Rescue Team) 

    The mission is to reach out to the community to bring awareness of salvation through Jesus Christ. We strive to seek the lost and lead them to Jesus, the only true Savior. 

    Our team also assists other ministries through neighborhood in-reach by spreading the news and inviting the community to church events. 

    We work through Biblical scripture found in Matthew 18:14 as we seek to help those in need. 

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  • Food Pantry


    This ministry is overseen by the 1st G Deacons

    Contact for more information.

  • God's Helping Hands

    Mission: Christian Social Ministries and Missions

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  • Health

    Mission: To work with the congregation to provide education, health counseling, and disease prevention. Promoting heath and wellness for the body and mind. Your body is a temple. 

    Corinthians 6:19-20

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  • Missions

    Mission: To seek to completely support every member of the Body of Christ by perpetuating the Gospel through meaningful missions and ministries that aid the whole man. 


    To provide assistance to members of First G and the local communities, our state, and nation for the sake of InReach and Outreach as we follow the Word of God.

    We provide our services through Biblical scriptures to help those in need: Matthew 25:35-36

    Global, Local, District Affiliations, Prison/Jail Ministry

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  • Prayer

    Mission: The House of Prayer Ministry is a Bible based intercessory prayer ministry that promotes a culture of prayer through active involvement and fervent, effectual prayer of its leadership and members at 1st G. 

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  • Prison/Jail

    MissionTo reach out to inmates and their families with the love of Jesus Christ in a way that will bring the lost to Christ. We will help them grow in the love, gain Biblical knowledge, be strong through their hurt, and model a life of holiness. We will study the study the Word of God and pray with them, which will bring honor and glory to our God.

    Meeting times: 3rd Mondays of the month @6:30pm

    1st & 5th Sundays: visit Metro Corrections @8:00am

    This ministry is overseen by the 1st G Deacons

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  • Relationship Counseling


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  • Security

    Mission: It is the purpose of the security ministry to provide a save environment against known and unknown threats for members and guests during worship services and special events hosted on the 1st G campus. We serve in the least disruptive manner as possible

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  • Social Media, Web & Marketing

    Mission: to ensure that communications reach to the 1st G congregation and community at large, ensuring consistent branding, messaging, and timeliness.

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  • Transportation


    For more information, to join the team, or to schedule a ride, contact or call 502-635-7906 ext. 171

  • Trustees

    Mission: The Trustee Ministry supervises and maintains the physical property and financial gifts entrusted to 1st G as well as manages all contracts, budgeting and insurance. 

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  • Volunteer

    Mission: REAP - Recruit baptized believers by Educating and equipping persons to Activate their gifts for the Purpose of building up the Kingdom of God.

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  • Wedding

    Mission: To assist with the planning and coordination of weddings and receptions held at 1st G.

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Join 1st G Church

We know that people are at different stages of life personally and spiritually. We invite you to join one of our small groups and experience for yourself growth in Christ as you begin to realize your call and talent when deciding further ministries to participate.