Join one of our Family Ministries

We understand that everyone is at different stages of their personal and spiritual journeys. We offer various small group settings to help acclimate you into the 1st G Congregation and prepare you to minister to the masses. See below for the many opportunities that are offered here. 

Children & Youth

Mission: The 1st G Church Children & Youth Ministry exists to EXPOSE children  and youth to God's Love; help them GROW in their knowledge and faith in God's Word; teach them to HONOR God with their lives; instruct and illustrate how to CARE for one another; to DISCOVER, DEVELOP, and USE their spiritual gives to the glory of God; and to IMPACT the world for Jesus Christ. 

Activities include:

EDGE Sunday School: Sundays @9:00am

Midweek Bible Study: Wednesdays @6:30pm

Kidz Konnection: Children focused service during 1st & 2nd service

Youth Led Service: 4th Sunday at 10:10am

Marriage Ministry

Mission: To encourage and equip married and engaged couples who seek a godly marriage. Through various workshops and outings, couples build a healthy, thriving relationship that reflects God's foundation and purpose for marriage between one man and one woman. 

Regular activities:

Marriage Weekend

Various outings

Men's Ministry

Mission: For men to walk with God and grow in their faith. The King’s Men is an instrument of God for reaching men and building them into a community of Christian disciples who, through the Holy Spirit, allow the attitude of Christ to be reflected in all areas of their lives.

Regular Activities:

Lead Sunday Worship: 2ndst Sunday @10:10am

Bible Study: 4th Saturday @9:00am

Senior's Ministry

Committed Achievers

Mission: To promote Christianity with voice and outreach by restoring, reclaiming, and realigning the seniors through faith and fellowship for those who are age 55 and older.

To provide spiritual and supplemental support to seniors of 1st G and throughout the community at large through ministry, outreach, and support as needed in accordance to the Word of God. 

Activities include

Leading worship: 5th Sunday @10:10am

Fold bulletins: Friday afternoons

Noon Bible Study: Wednesdays

Various outings

Women's Ministry

Sisters In Spirit

Mission: To promote spiritual growth by educating, encouraging and equipping women to serve God and others by utilizing their God-given gifts to share the gospel and help others enter a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Regular Activities:

Bible Study: 2nd Saturday each month @9:00am

Women's Day Led Service: September

Young Adult

Mission: To bring young adults to Christ through Bible Study and Fellowship, and to IGNITE the world with the love, passion, purpose, and power of Jesus Christ. We welcome all Children of God ages 18-35 (and beyond).

SIT - Stay In Touch

To reach out to young adults away from home for the purpose of achieving higher education degrees, trainings, employment, military, or other life changing events. 

Regular Activities:

Monthly Bible Study