The Center for Family Development (CFD) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. With the support of the First Gethsemane Baptist Church, the CFD was incorporated in 1996. It was the consensus, at that time, that a separate community service corporation would better serve the overwhelming needs of the surrounding communities, which include Arcadia, Park Hill, Iroquois, Algonquin and Old Louisville. The mission of the CFD is to 'reduce barriers of success' by providing quality facilities, services, and programs to individuals and families in our communities through economic empowerment, and educational, social and recreational activities. Programming is held in the T. Vaughn Walker CFD building, located at 1221 First Gethsemane Avenue (behind the main 1st G building). 

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CFD Inc. Programs:

The goals of the CFD programs fall under four main initiatives: Social Services, Education, Health/Fitness, and Economics. Along with facility rental, we offer the opportunity for gym membership and program involvement. 

The CFD currently hosts the following programs:

  • Mission: To equip and to prepare persons for meaningful and gainful employment by providing resources, success workshops, and mentors. We do this in part by providing opportunities through our Job One job placement program. 

    Our Job One job placement program will offer employment opportunities and resources onsite at the T. Vaughn Walker CFD building. Visit the detailed CEO webpage to read more about the Job One program and see details of available positions. 

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  • Health, Wellness, & Nutrition

    CFD offers recreational fitness opportunities through:

    • Aerobics Classes
    • Basketball - open gym, leagues, and structured lessons
    • Co-ed Adult Volleyball - Tuesdays @6:30pm
    • Gym Memberships
    • Line Dancing
    • And other Recreational, Wellness, and Fitness Program
  • Teach One Academy

    Teach One Academy offers FREE after school and summer break tutoring focused on Reading, Math, English, and study skills. We strive to "reduce barriers for success" by providing valuable hours of educational enrichment that will positively transform the lives of children and youth in our community. We provide avenues and strategies to help students improve their performance on school-based and state-required reading comprehension and mathematics assessments. 

    Teach One Academy brings together face o face tutoring for students in grades 1-8. Benefits include:

    • A certified JCPS Learning Site with Computer tutoring online
    • Certified Teachers to provide totoring
    • Individualized learning plans developed for each student
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  • TeamKid Summer Camp

    During summer break, youth ages 5 to 13 may attend this camp. TeamKid is a safe, fun, and educational program that is an alternative for out of school time. Tutoring and field trips enhance this affordable program. 

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