Worship, Arts, & Music

The Worship & Arts Ministry has a primary purpose of glorifying God in our worship experiences and to teach others with our lifestyle that worship goes beyond Sunday service into our everyday lives. This ministry encompasses all forms of worship including vocal, instrumental, dance, and visual.

Read below for a deeper understanding of each component that makes up this ministry. Read even deeper by clicking to read each brochure. 

As part of our effort to keep consistent communication with our musical members, you can view and prepare for each Sunday by viewing the Monthly Song List and Calendar.

Dance Ministry

Mission: Through our dance, and in all we do, we do it for the Glory of God. We vow to teach, encourage, and inspire others to worship God through the use of the movement arts. Rather than just learning the dance, as a dancer, we will listen to the Holy Spirit and move as He instructs. Through participating in this ministry, we seek to bring ourselves closer to God through prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and discipleship. We are not here to entertain, but to minister to others. 

Each dance ministry is committed to worshipping and praising the Lord through various visual forms. The Bible tells us that dance was used as a form of praise and worship to the Lord. Our purpose is to help build the Kingdom by inspiring in others a greater relationship with Jesus Christ as we bring to life the heart of God, using words and music, through dance. 

Dance groups include: 

Banners & Flags





All rehearsals vary depending upon performance schedule

Hospitality Ministry

Mission: To welcome our guests with a pleasant smile and make them feel at home. 1st G wants each person who serves in these capacities to be as hospitable as you would be in your own home. We serve with a smile, a cheerful attitude, and an ability to accommodate all who enter our campus. 

Ministry Opportunities include:




Junior Ushers

Media Ministry

Mission: The Media Ministry serves to complement and enhance the 1st G worship experience. We utilize technology to support all ministries of the church and to reach out to our community with God's Word through television and video streaming. 

Ministry Opportunities include: 







Contact us with questions at 1stGMedia@1stgchurch.org


The musical ministry includes both vocal and instrumental worship. 

Children's Choir: Typically participates in worship during the 4th Sunday of each month. This choir is for all children ages 10 and under. Children and Youth day is celebrated in August and includes all persons 18 and under. 

Youth and Young Adult Vessels of Praise: Typically participates in worship during the 4th Sunday of each month. This choir focuses on learning parts and sings contemporary Gospel music. 

G Men of God: This group leads worship every 2nd Sunday of the month and consists of males of all ages. This group was formed to encourage men to understand that is it okay for a MAN to lift up holy hands and give praise to God for all He has done. 

Voices of Praise: The VOP Choir is an adult choir that sings a wide array of Gospel music styles. Typically leading worship on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. 

Echoes: This choir consists of members ages 50 and up. Typically leading worship on the 5th Sunday of the month, the Echoes primarily sing traditional style Gospel music. 

The 1st G Band: The 1st G band is the accompaniment to each choir and all services. 

performing Arts


The Drama Ministry has the primary responsibility for preparing the Easter and Christmas drama presentations. It also prepares skits or plays to presented throughout the year. Actors, set, costume designers, stage managers, lighting, and sound persons are always welcome to volunteer. 

Visual Arts:

The Visual Arts Ministry encourages creativity in many forms from our members. Photography, sculpture, drawing, and many other forms of artistic expression are displayed throughout the calendar year representing church events and member talents.